client: 농민신문사
월간지 "어린이동산" 표지 일러스트 
client: Nongmin News Corp.
magazine"Children's playground" cover illustration​​​​​​​
숨바꼭질(hide and seek)
초가을 햇살이 시골집 마당에 쏟아지던 어느날 오후, 아이들이 숨바꼭질을 하며 내 주위를 빙빙 돕니다.
어디에 숨어 있는지 뻔히 알면서도 모르는 척하는 형, 완벽하게 숨었다는 듯 당당하게 서 있는 동생.
아이들의 숨바꼭질을 보고 있노라니 웃음이 절로 납니다.
"Hide and Seek"
One afternoon, when the early autumn sun was pouring into the yard of the country house,  my sons  has been played circled around me playing hide-and-seek.
  a older brother who clearly knows where a younger brother is hiding, but pretends not to know, and a young brother who stands proudly as if he was hiding perfectly.
Watching children play hide-and-seek makes me laugh.

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